Welcome to the Survive the Dive

Test and reinforce your safe diving knowledge, reference up-to-date material and gain an NZUA-endorsed certificate valid for two years.

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How does the certificate work?

Gaining an NZUA-endorsed 'Survive the Dive'
certificate is a three-step process.

Step One
Play the Quiz
Start by playing the quiz a few times to learn the certificate material in a fun way. The quiz offers 10 randomly generated questions from the NZUA dive safe database. Save your high scores to test your progress aiming to consistently score greater than 8 out of 10.
Step Two
Take the Exam
When you can confidently score 80% or better on the quiz questions, progress to taking the exam. The exam consists of 20 questions. Some questions have a single correct answer, some have several correct answers to be selected so pay attention! Submit the completed exam.
Step Three
Download Certificate
The NZUA will review your exam submission and approve a certificate if the score is 80% correct or better. You will receive an email and link to either download the certificate or try again for a pass mark. Survive the Dive Certificates are valid for two years.

Frequently asked questions.

Why is there a quiz and an exam?

Good question. The purpose of the quiz is to train you on the course content in a fun and competitive manner. The quiz consists of 10 randomly generated questions from the complete course material. You can take the quiz as many times as you like, saving your high score with each attempt. Only proceed to the exam when you are confident of an 80% or better pass rate. The exam consists of 20 questions. It is essential you read each questions carefully, answering as per each question's required format.

How much does it cost to get a certificate?

Absolutely free! Thanks to our awesome sponsors Water Safety NZ, Maritime NZ and Air Purity LTD, at this time we are able to proceed the quiz, exam and downloadable certificate at no cost. Please tell your friends and family. The purpose of the certificate is to ensure the whole NZ underwater community has access to safe diving information and survives the dive!

What pass rate is required to pass the final exam?

An 80% pass rate is required to receive the NZUA-endorsed Survive the Dive certificate. It is important you test your knowledge with the quiz before attempting the final exam. It is also important to read each exam question carefully before answering.

How long is the certificate valid? Do I need to renew and why?

Currently, the certificate is valid for two years. This is consistent with similar safety-related certificates such as first-aid courses. We recommend renewing the certificate every two years to ensure you are across the latest best-practice diver safety procedures.

How do I get a copy of my certifcate?

If you pass the exam, the certificate will be made available via an email to your registered address, from which you can download your certificate. On-going status of the certificate, your exam score and expiry dates can be found be logging in to the website.