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Survive the Dive
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Overview of lifejacket rules and recommendations for use plus links to detailed lifejacket guidance via Maritime NZ

Electronic Communication

Best communication devices to be carried on all vessels. Includes VHF radios, EPIRBs and considerations for phones

Non-electronic communication

Brief description on non-electronic communication devices and simple guidance of their use.

General Equipment

Additional essential boating equipment listed plus Safer Boating Forum video on basic boat maintenance.

First Aid Kits

All vessels should carry a first aid kit. Get yours sorted with this simple guide.


An emergencies overview of burn injury treatment and hazards identification specific to boating.


While the only sure treatment for seasickness is sitting under a tree there is a few approaches we can take to help.


Prolonged exposure to cold weather and water can be life-threatening. Learn the steps to take to treat hypothermia.


Heat exhaustion can be a problem in New Zealand. Learn about the signs and treatment of hyperthermia.

Trip Reports

The simple task of posting a trip-report may be the difference between help coming quickly or not at all.

Rules of the road

A brief overview of the essential rules of the road, as they apply boats operating in New Zealand.

Dive Flags and general restricted speed guidelines

Dive flags and regulations with the purpose of protecting vulnerable divers and swimmers in water must be observed by skippers.


Guidelines for anchor rode set-up, deployment, retrieval and jettisoning

Dive Planning

How to plan the dive so you enjoy the dive and Survive the Dive

Dropping off, picking up and assisting divers from the water

A concise guide to dropping off, retrieving and assisting divers in and out of the water.

Basic hand signals and use of floats

Essential hand-signals for dive activity supervisors brief description of float use.

Waves, currents and tides

A quick overview of the environmental factors that must be considered in dive planning.