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Boat Handling

Trip Reports

The simple task of posting a trip-report may be the difference between help coming quickly or not at all.

Trip Reports

A trip report is a communication to the coastguard or local listening station all boat skippers should make before departure.

The purpose of the trip report is to update your local monitoring station with a few basic details of your intended voyage.

The best way to make a trip report is by using your VHF radio, although other means such as a phone call will be adequate.

A trip report consists of -

  • Your boat’s name and callsign
  • Where do you plan to go
  • The number of people on board
  • When you plan to return

Failing to close a trip report will NOT initiate a search. If you require assistance, you must be able to call for help. It is also a good idea to ensure a trusted person can raise the alarm from ashore if you fail to return as planned.

A trip report will help rescue authorities know where to start looking and how many people are aboard in an emergency.

Coastguard's call sign database includes details of your emergency contact, the type, size, and colour of your boat, what equipment you have aboard and other such information.

You must update your call sign details if you sell your boat or change any details.

Important: Also lodge a trip report with family or friends who can call Police if you are overdue.

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